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Our top picks based on where you are, what you've listened to, and what's trending right now

  1. Arlene Stuart

    Arlene Stuart

    Unwind and relax every evening with Arlene Stuart with wonderful vintage and relaxing classics from Frank Sinatra to Barbara Striesand.

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  2. Baylen Leonard

    Baylen Leonard

    The Front Porch

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  3. Freddie on Kisstory

    Freddie on Kisstory

    Non Stop Old Skool & Anthems from Kiss #kisstory

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  4. Moral Maze : Moral Philosophy for the Internet

    Moral Maze : Moral Philosophy for the Internet

    Combative, provocative and engaging debate chaired by Michael Buerk. With Claire Fox, Matthew Taylor, Anne McElvoy and Shiv Malik.

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  5. The Smooth Sanctuary at Seven

    The Smooth Sanctuary at Seven

    Chris Skinner plays the most relaxing music mix on the Smooth Sanctuary at Seven. Join in @SmoothRadio on Twitter.

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  6. Dave


    It's a school-night but that ain't stopping us! Dave's got the big tunes and keeping you up to date with what everyone's talking about! Get kissfmuk on your timelines!

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  7. Cricket : Essex v Middlesex

    Cricket : Essex v Middlesex

    Live ball-by-ball commentary from the County Championship on Essex v Middlesex.

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  8. Evenings with Dale Dixon

    Evenings with Dale Dixon

    Dale has got all the biggest hits for your evening soundtrack!

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  9. JJ


    JJ's across the UK on Capital with the biggest hits to keep the party vibes going. Get involved @CapitalOfficial

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  10. Non-Stop 70s

    Non-Stop 70s

    Non-stop music on the UK's only 70s radio station where pop, soul, new wave and rock combine to create the soundtrack to seventies Britain.

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