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  1. Sarah Brett : 09/12/2019

    Sarah Brett : 09/12/2019

    Sarah Brett with late night discussion on the issues that matter to you, plus guests giving their take on what's in the news. Text 85058 (charged at your standard message rate).

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  2. 45 Radio

    45 Radio

    45 Radio plays the more uptempo side of the 60’s,70’s,80’s & 90’s.

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  3. Fia Tarrant

    Fia Tarrant

    Turn up the Feel Good with Fia Tarrant and end the day with a massive smile on your face. Get involved @thisisheart or text 82122.

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  4. Sean Goldsmith

    Sean Goldsmith

    Play the Top 10 at 10 and Guess The Year!

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  5. Smooth Chill Early Mornings

    Smooth Chill Early Mornings

    Pure overnight relaxation with Smooth Chill across the early hours.

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  6. As BBC Radio 5 live : 10/12/2019

    As BBC Radio 5 live : 10/12/2019

    BBC Radio Ulster joins BBC Radio 5 live

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  7. Johnny Doom

    Johnny Doom

    Johnny Doom presents the best in new rock, metal and alternative, plus interviews and classic tracks.

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  8. Jennie Longdon - Hits Chilled

    Jennie Longdon - Hits Chilled

    The Biggest Hits, The Biggest Throwbacks

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  9. Absolute Radio 10s

    Absolute Radio 10s

    The biggest songs from the last decade

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  10. Magic Radio

    Magic Radio

    More of the songs you love, all through the night. Join us on Instagram and Facebook: just search for Magic Radio.

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